JAMIP download

JAMIP is freely distributed on academic research use under the regulations termed in the JAMIP_licence. If you would like to obtain JAMIP, please REGISTER.

After registering and signing the JAMIP_licence, you can start DOWNLOAD.

Note: To help us and our funding sources keep track of users of the code, we appreciate each individual user (even in the same group/institute) to submit a separate registration and request for code download.

When using results produced from JAMIP in your publications, please acknowledge the use of the code and cite the following original JAMIP papers:

  • Xin-Gang Zhao, Kun Zhou, Bangyu Xing, Ruoting Zhao, et al., Yuhao Fu, Lijun Zhang, “JAMIP: an artificial-intelligence aided data-driven infrastructure for computational materials informatics”, Sci. Bull. 66, 1973–1985 (2021)
  • Xin-Gang Zhao, Jihui Yang, Yuhao Fu, Dongwen Yang, Qiaoling Xu, Liping Yu, Su-Huai Wei, and Lijun Zhang, “Design of lead-free inorganic halide perovskites for solar cells via cation-transmutation”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 2630 (2017)

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